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Forthcoming, we will develop support for the global market. All members in countries across the globe can register as partners in your territory. Please contact us by mail: support@jobspower.net. so you can know more about your conditions and benefits when joining this program.

5% - 12%

Standard Commission

Not much work is needed from you; just share your referral link, which is made available in your account, with friends, and you’ll earn 5% - 12% from their active deposit.

Earn commissions at each level.

  • Pack Plan two: level F2 (3%)
  • Pack Plan three: level F2(3%), level F3(2%)
  • Pack Plan four: level F2(3%), level F3(2%), level F4(1%)
  • Pack Plan five: level F2(3%), level F3(2%), level F4(1%)
  • Pack Plan six: level F2(3%), level F3(2%), level F4(1%), level F5(0.5%)
1% - 3%

Representatives Commission

The program applies to all accounts registered as our agent. We will give you 1 - 3% of your total system sales. Apply once a month.

  • + sales reach: 10000$. You receive: 1%
  • + sales reach: 20000$. You receive: 2%
  • + sales reach: 30000$ or more. You receive: 3%

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