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In 1999, the game was developed by the developer of the PC game market, which was based on the current version of the game and was played in parallel. Recently, research on GPUs has been made by AIs - nowadays more than ever - with GPUs running asynchronously, robots, and remote sensing devices.

We are in the midst of anthropomorphism that is the reason people in the world want to use the technology in the world - theaters, theaters, the arts and the gamers. For them, we built it with a siege machine. For faster 3D graphics playback and better gaming, NVIDIA has transformed the GPU into a multi-language version of its native programming interface, optimized for both graphics and graphics.

For 30 years, the performance of the Moore Law has been achieved with a 50% reduction in the rate of each year. But the limit of the current speed of the CPU is increasing by 10% per year. NVIDIA GPU acceleration is already underway on a roadmap - and will run at 1000X and 2025.

NVIDIA determines the best video quality By the time the GPU was launched in 1999, it was able to encrypt the encrypted email address, so that it could be used on an unlimited number of devices. We have been leading the power of the camera from there.

At $ 100 billion, gaming is on the top of the list and the NVIDIA GeForce is the largest in the world. GeForce ® GTX GPUs and GeForce Experience ™ chipset deliver the best gaming experience for the most demanding gaming environments. And itsGameWorks ™ softwareprovides the photorealistic and interactive games.

The GPU calculation is the path for HPC and the data center. NVIDIA supports the most cutting-edge of the world, as well as the most popular in Europe and Japan. Top-level players are located in the most intelligent and prosperous world, with more than 200 petaFLOPS for HPC and 3 exaOs for AI. Upgrades the HPC and AI more than 27,000 NVIDIA Volta Tensor Core GPUs to accelerate the learning curve.

The three forces of AI are: intelligence, quality, New internet services, such as Google Translate, have been translated into English. Handbooks are used to find out what can not be ignored. In healthy environments, lithotripsy is a medical device that can detect the presence of MRI in the urine only present through the cytoplasm. AI will repeat the turnaround time from the infrastructure.

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